Public Beta: Milkdrop 3.0.1

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Public Beta: Milkdrop 3.0.1

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Another small iteration. I've dropped the 4 digit version number because Windows Installer isn't a big fan of them.


* The Milkdrop engine is now hidden by default when run from the VDJ plugin - but without the slowdown this previously caused. You can toggle it's visibility from the plugin options, so you can still send keypresses to it.
* Text is now rendered on the VDJ output when enabled as well - for example preset names and fps. Song info and playlist info are possible too but not currently set up.
* Milkdrop now uses what VDJs videofps setting is for it's framerate when it starts.
* Optimisations
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Re: Public Beta: Milkdrop 3.0.1

Post by ragutom »

Thanks Scott!!! This is running very well.

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